Ohio Valley Hutchinson Bell Chapter Scholarship to Florida College

In order to help qualified students attend Florida College, the Ohio Valley Chapter works to offer scholarships. The number of scholarships and the dollar amounts of each will be determined by availability of funds. Students receiving the scholarships will be chosen by a committee based upon the information provided on this application form. Access to the information on the application will be limited to members of the scholarship committee. The committee reserves the right to consult with others, but its decision will be regarded as final. In selecting scholarship recipients and determining the amounts of the awards, the committee uses the following guidelines:

1. GEOGRAPHICAL BOUNDARIES Special consideration will be given to students from the area served by the Ohio Valley Chapter.

2. CHARACTER Only students of high moral character will be considered. References are required. A scholarship may be forfeited if the recipient is suspended from Florida College for disciplinary reasons.

3. SCHOLASTIC STANDING Preference will be given to students who have demonstrated outstanding scholastic performance in high school and/or college, including ACT or SAT scores. While a minimum grade point average is not required, committee members will consider the rigor of classes, grades and college-readiness exam scores.

4. FINANCIAL NEED The degree of an applicant's financial need is a key component in awarding scholarships. Information requested regarding financial need is necessary to the selection process and must be submitted.

In addition to the application form, the applicant is responsible for submitting

  •   High school and/or college transcript (scan and attach)

  •   Short essay. On a separate sheet, write a response of no more than 250 words that addresses some or all of the following questions. Why do you want to attend Florida College? Why are you a good Florida College candidate? What special circumstances should be considered in your scholarship application?

5. CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP To qualify for a OVHB Scholarship, you and/or your immediate family must be member(s) of the Ohio Valley Hutchinson Bell chapter.

Applications are due by e-mail or printed copy no later than July 1, 2017. Please submit applications electronically by e-mailing to ohiovalleyhutchinsonbell@gmail.com or by mail to the attention of Lisa Pruitt, 8890 Cynthia Ct., Cincinnati, OH 452420. If you mail your application, please ensure that is mailed so that it will be received by July 1st. Applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision by July 31.