Frequently Asked Questions


How much does camp cost? 

  • If you register before May 7th, the base cost of camp is $350 per camper plus a 6% processing fee (YMCA summer camps cost $595 per week - FC Ohio Camp is a fantastic bargain!

  • Some of our activities - like ziplines, canoeing, & swimming – are available on a first come first serve basis for an extra fee.

  • If you register after May 7th, there is an additional charge of $15 per camper for late registration processing.

  • If you register the day camp begins, the base cost will be $400 per camper.

How can I pay for camp? 

  • Registration for camp is an online process by Active Camps that requires a credit or debit card to complete.

  • There are 2 payment methods: You can pay in full OR pay a deposit of $80 plus the processing fee when you register, plus 2 more payments of $135 on April 15th and $135 May 15th. If registering after May 7th, the payment plan will not be available - campers must pay in full.

  • Any additional costs (paid activities or pouch money) will be distributed evenly between the April 15th & May 15th payments.

Can I get financial aid if I can’t afford camp? 

  • Because the Joel Sloan Fund is strictly for those who cannot afford the base cost of camp, campers receiving this financial aid are not eligible for the “extra cost” activities such as swimming, canoeing & ziplining.

  • Families requesting financial aid must first register their campers and pay the $80 deposit plus procession fee. The maximum amount that can be awarded to any camper is $270.

  • Financial Aid opens up on March 1st and closes on April 15th. No financial aid applications will be accepted after April 15th

  • On the home page of the Ohio Valley Chapter of the Hutchinson Bell there is a link to the Joel Sloan Camp Fund where campers can apply for financial aid.

What about money for the concession stand? (We call it The Pouch.)

  • Money can be added during a camper’s online registration process for the concession stand.

  • Parents and campers can also add money to a camper’s Pouch account during the hours of registration. (2:30p – 4pm)

  • Any unused concession money may picked up from the canteen on the last day of camp. Any pouch money that is not picked up by the end of camp will be considered a donation to the OVCHB. Only whole dollar amounts will be returned, no coins.

  • When deciding on how much to add for your camper, keep in mind that in addition to snack and drinks, the latest Florida College collegiate apparel will also be for sale to both campers and parents.

What are the refund & cancellation policies?

  • There will be a fee of $40 if you cancel your camper’s registration on or before May 7th, the remainder of any paid camp fees will be refunded.

  • There will be a fee of $75 if you cancel your camper’s registration after May 7th, the remainder of any paid camp fees will be refunded.

What are the benefits of registering early?

  • Cost! It’s cheaper to sign up before May 7th. Base cost is $350 before May 7th, and $365 after May 7th

  • Choices! Campers choose their daytime activities when they register and are placed into classes on a first come first serve basis. Once a class is full it will be removed from the list. The earlier you register for camp, the more likely you are to get the classes you want!

  • Cabins! Campers are able to request to be put with a friend and /or a counselor they choose. The earlier a camper registers, the more likely they are to have their requests granted.

Why isn’t a certain activity offered?

  • Campers often want to sign up to be in the same class as a friend. If they go to sign up and the class they want isn’t listed, it’s probably because that class filled up and was taken off the list.

  • Some daytime classes may only be offered at certain times because other YMCA groups are using that area. We are sometimes limited to only using those areas during certain times of the day.

  • Some of the activities offered are limited to certain age groups either for safety reasons or due to the abilities that are necessary to enjoy that activity.

What can my child expect at camp?

  • Each camper will be in a cabin of 8-10 other campers and 2 counselors.

  • Each camper will receive a lanyard nametag when they arrive that lists their individual daytime activities, plus a tshirt in their society color to be worn on Friday during our Olympic Games.

  • Each camper is placed on a society. Societies compete all week long in sports, games, & cheering.

  • Campers will have a variety of daytime classes that they chose during registration, plus other group activities based on age, society, cabin or gender throughout the week.

  • Bible devotionals are held at each mealtime and a bible class occurs each morning by age group.

  • We worship together as a group on Sunday evening and Tuesday evening.

Can I visit my child at camp?

  • Yes, you can worship with us on Sunday evening at 7pm & Tuesday evening at 6:30pm, however please DO NOT PARK ON THE GRASS and be sure to bring a camp chair so that our campers and staff have places to sit at chapel.

  • Yes, you can attend the camper talent show & senior ceremony on Friday evening at 6:30pm. Again, please do not park on the grass and bring a camp chair so that our campers and staff have places to sit.

  • At all other times, visits should only be made in the case of an emergency.

  • For the safety of all, any person not wearing an ID badge or lanyard nametag will be considered trespassing.

When will campers find out their cabin & society assignments?

  • Campers (and parents, depending on what email you listed) will be emailed about 1 week before camp to let each camper know their cabin & society assignments.

  • Cabin assignments are made (as much as possible) based on the camper’s requests, and cannot be changed.

  • Society assignments are made based on distributing age & gender and cannot be changed.

What are the society names & colors?

  • Arete – red & white

  • KO (Kappa Omicron) – green & white

  • Omega Chi - yellow/gold & black

  • Phi Sigma Chi – blue & white

  • Psi Beta Gamma – orange & blue

  • Zeta Phi Epsilon – black & silver/grey

What things should each camper bring?

  • Clothes for each day (all shorts/skirts must come to the knee, no tank tops, see-through tops, opensided tshirts, or leggings)

  • Socks & undergarments

  • Swim suits, beach towel & cover-ups if you chose this activity (no bikinis – coverups must come to the knee)

  • Rain jacket & sweatshirt (for cold evenings or rainy days)

  • Group 4 – War games attire (camo or black)

  • Group 4 – Banquet attire (Theme for 2019 is Super Hero - cover up all spandex with modest clothing that meets our dress code)

  • Society color clothing if desired (see registration questions)

  • Hygiene items (shampoo, soap, bath towel, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, shower shoes, etc)

  • Insect repellent & suncscreen

  • Talent show items (instruments, costumes, etc)

  • Bible

  • Bedding & Pillow (sheets & blankets or sleeping bag)

  • Shoes appropriate for activities (shoes for hiking, canoeing, sports; closed toe shoes for ziplining)

  • Prescription medicines (can be given to the nurse to administer)

  • Camera (no cell phones will be allowed at any time – not even to take photos)

What should campers NOT bring to camp?

  • No cell phones, iPods, or MP3’s of any kind (These items can present many risks to your camper in an environment like camp. Additionally, we want to promote & encourage all campers to engage their friends in face-to-face communication. Please, please help us with our endeavor to help your child build personal relationships.

  • All camper cell phones will be kept by their counselor for the week. Parents my have their child’s counselor cell phone number for emergencies.

  • Every year we have campers thanking us for taking their phones away and helping them see the benefits of unplugging.

  • Any camper caught with their cell phone after camp begins will be sent home without a refund.

  • No weapons of any kind (no knives, no BB guns, etc)

  • No tobacco, vaping or alcohol products of any kind

  • No fireworks

What if my child has prescription medications or health issues?

  • On your child’s online registration form, parents will be asked to describe any allergies or health issues he/she may have and any medications they will need to take while at camp.

  • All prescription medicines & health issues need to be brought to the nurse’s attention when you arrive at camp. The nurse will be in the Singerman Lodge during registration hours (2:30pm – 4pm)

  • Some campers can be allowed to administer their own prescription medications depending on their age & the medication.

  • The nurse keeps a supply of over-the-counter medications to address any basic needs – acetaminophen, ibuprofen, sunburn relief, bug bite relief, etc.

What if my child gets hurt while at camp?

  • Several members of our staff are medical professionals and can immediately assess the needs of any injured camper.

  • If a camper is hurt, the directors will call the emergency contact listed on that camper’s registration form as soon as possible

When & where do I drop off my camper?

  • Campground Location: YMCA Camp Kern, 5291 St. Route 350, Oregonia, OH 45054

  • Mail can also be sent to campers at the above address. Simply add your child’s name & FC Ohio Camp above it.

  • Camp Kern maintains a beautiful campground for us – PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE OR PARK ON THE GRASS AT ANY TIME.

  • On the Sunday of camp (June 9, 2019), campers should be dropped off between 2:30pm and 4pm. This allows our staff to get the cabins & grounds completely ready for a great week.

  • When you arrive on the campgrounds, please proceed directly to your camper’s assigned cabin. (Each camper’s cabin & society assignment will be emailed to you and/or your camper about 1 week prior to camp.

What if I arrive early to drop off my camper?

  • Please DO NOT arrive early, but if you are a few minutes early, you will be directed to park in the Schweitz Assembly Hall parking lot and wait in your car until 2:30 before proceeding to your child’s cabin.

  • Please do not arrive early to drop off your camper. Our staff needs this time to get the campgrounds and cabins ready for the week.

When do I pick up my camper?

  • So that Camp Kern can begin their cleaning process, campers will be required to have all of their items on the porch of their cabin BEFORE breakfast.

  • On the Saturday camp ends (June 15, 2019) we have a brief closing ceremony at 10am that we would love for you to attend. Campers should be picked up no later than 10am.